Ashcraft & Gerel’s Alan Mensh Fights for Lead Poisoned Children
February 24, 2016
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The topic of lead poisoning has been in the news lately regarding lead in water. The major source of childhood lead poisoning has historically been shown to be old, deteriorating lead paint in housing. However, with the advent of electronics and recycling, there are other dangers that could result in hazardous lead exposure to children. Ashcraft & Gerel represents two (2) children in claims against a plant and temp agency for causing their lead poisoning and resulting school and behavior problems, such as ADHD. The father of the children took a job through a temp agency to be a machine operator and laborer at a recycling plant. The plant recycled old computer and television monitors. The problem is that the monitors contained large amounts of lead. The work of breaking apart and recycling these monitors caused the discharge of lead dust that rested on the worker’s skin, hair, and clothes.

There are specific federal regulations concerning worker safety around lead. These include separate clothing, shoe covers, shower facilities, lockers (to place work clothes), and warning the workers about the hazards of their work. The employer is required to have a professional plan regarding lead safety, including air quality. These regulations also can apply to the temp agency that hired the worker without informing him of the toxic nature of the work. Ashcraft & Gerel is seeking compensation for these children, who were lead poisoned when their father hugged and kissed them when he arrived home in his work clothes every day. Workers in plants and factories, who work with electronics or other items that may contain lead have rights, and are legally entitled to certain protections. Ashcraft & Gerel is fighting for these children’s compensation, where they were poisoned through their father’s workplace. Click here to read the articles about our case in the Huffington Post and the  Cincinnati Enquirer.