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Get Help If You Developed Parkinson’s After Being Exposed to This Potent Herbicide

Over 40% of the U.S. is farmland, with millions of Americans living near or working in the agriculture industry. Farms are a necessity for our economy and society, but currently, they are a danger to those in proximity to them.

Herbicides like Paraquat may cause serious medical conditions in individuals who are exposed to them regularly. Numerous studies have linked Paraquat exposure to an increase in cases of Parkinson’s disease, especially among already vulnerable individuals. It’s time to hold the companies who make and sell this chemical accountable. Ashcraft & Gerel wants to help if you developed Parkinson’s after being exposed to Paraquat.

Paraquat Use In the US

Paraquat is rapidly becoming one of our most-used herbicides. Since 2009, its use has risen nearly 200% in our country, mostly in response to undesirable weeds developing a resistance to Roundup. An investigation in the New York Times found farmers used approximately 7 million pounds of the chemical in 2015. Our dependence on Paraquat contrasts with policies across Europe and even in China, where the herbicide has been banned due to the risks it poses.

Paraquat is used on many crops including:

  • Coffee
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Guar
  • Hay (alfalfa seed and clover)
  • Orchard and vineyard crops
  • Potatoes
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat

Farmers also use the chemical to assist in pasture renovation and before planting in “no-till” fields.

Because it is so toxic, Paraquat can only be used with a commercial license. It is not available for home use.It is also known as:

  • Gramoxone
  • Firestorm
  • Parazone
  • Helmquat
  • Cyclone
  • Para Shot

Who Should Worry About Paraquat Exposure?

Direct ingestion of Paraquat is easy to spot: The herbicide will cause serious illness or death depending on how much reaches the bloodstream. Most people are not affected by this risk in their lifetimes. However, long-term exposure to low levels of Paraquat is common among certain populations, including:

  • Agricultural farmers
  • Farmhands working for companies that use Paraquat
  • Workers that transfer Paraquat into tanks
  • Certified Paraquat applicators
  • Individuals and families who live near cropland or no-till farms

Thankfully, excess Paraquat binds to the soil instead of entering aquifers or wells. However, inhalation exposure is common for those who live or work near lands on which it is used.

Links Between Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease

Multiple studies have shown links between long-term, low-level exposure to Paraquat and an increased risk of Parkinson’s. In fact, the herbicide’s original use restrictions were created in response to animal models of the disease. Multiple human studies performed since then have found individuals are roughly 2 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s if exposed even to low levels of the chemical. Those who have genetic mutations that predispose them to Parkinson’s are 11 times more likely to develop the disease when Paraquat enters the picture

The link between Parkinson’s disease and pesticide use is not a new one. Paraquat is structurally similar to a neurotoxin known as MTMP that has been correlated with Parkinson’s. When inhaled, animal studies have found, Paraquat can enter the brain via the olfactory nerve. Once there, it damages dopamine-producing neurons, something that happens as Parkinson’s develops.

While researchers are still looking into the causes and epidemiology of Parkinson’s disease, there is clear data showing the connection between Paraquat exposure and this condition. Anyone who develops Parkinson’s after living or working near the herbicide should reach out to see if they may be eligible to file a claim.

Representing Consumers In Paraquat Parkinson’s Claims

Parkinson’s disease is a challenge and a tragedy for patients and their loved ones. If your family has been affected by this disease and may have been exposed to Paraquat, please reach out to our attorneys. We could be able to help you file for damages like:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Decreased enjoyment of life
  • Loss of society

When you are facing a difficult diagnosis, making a legal claim can give you purpose. Our attorneys will take care of most of the work so you can spend time with your loved ones. Ashcraft & Gerel has been taking on big companies for years in pursuit of justice for those who are ignored in the race to increase profits.

Our firm has the resources to successfully tackle these cases and skilled litigators who can face down the best corporate teams in court. We can help you understand your legal options if you believe you may have a claim.