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For decades, Roundup has been a popular weed killer used by homeowners, business owners, and agricultural workers alike. It has been used day in and day out to improve lawns, maintain public parks, and protect crops throughout the U.S.

Unfortunately, reports and lawsuits over the last few years have revealed the hidden dangers of Roundup weed killer. Unknowingly, people across the country have been using a product with a probable link to cancer.

If you or someone you love has used Roundup and later developed cancer, you may be entitled to compensation. The team at Ashcraft & Gerel can help you file a claim. Our Roundup lawsuit attorneys in Washington, D.C. are passionate about giving a voice to innocent consumers who are paying the financial, physical, and emotional price of a corporation’s wrongdoing.


The Risks of Roundup

The active ingredient in Roundup is called glyphosate, a chemical that kills weeds by blocking an enzyme they need to survive. Roundup has been used domestically and commercially, on private properties, in public parks, and even on commercial nurseries and farms. As such, over 80% of the crops grown in the U.S. are sprayed with Roundup – which means you could be ingesting it when you consume those fruits, vegetables, and grains. Even if you do not directly consume the crops, the livestock you eat could have been raised on those affected crops.

In 2015, the World Health Organization deemed glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen,” but Monsanto – the company that makes and sells Roundup – has allegedly known about the link between its product and cancer for decades.

Those most likely to develop cancer caused by Roundup are the people who have been repeatedly exposed to it, like farmers, landscapers, and garden center workers.

Ingesting or inhaling Roundup repeatedly could put you at an increased risk of developing:

  • Leukemia
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • B-cell Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Follicular Lymphoma
  • Cutaneous & Anaplastic T-Cell
  • Mantle Cell Lymphoma
  • Primary Central Nervous System (CNS) Lymphoma

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Taking Action against Monsanto

By failing to disclose the link between Roundup and cancer when it was first discovered, Monsanto prevented innocent people from making informed decisions about whether to use the product. Today, lawyers continue to investigate the extent of Monsanto’s corporate coverup and how long they knew about the hazards. Recent evidence shows that the EPA and Monsanto worked together to cover up and downplay the risk by ghostwriting reports claiming there was no link between Roundup and cancer. Meanwhile, many toxicologists at the EPA continued to believe that Roundup could cause cancer in 14 different ways.

Several lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto since the health risks of Roundup were made known to the public.

Many of these lawsuits include evidence that:

  • Roundup weed killer exposed users to glyphosate, a probable carcinogen
  • Monsanto misrepresented Roundup’s safety
  • The labels on Roundup fail to warn consumers about the potential health risks
  • Monsanto knew that glyphosate was potentially linked to cancer
  • Monsanto knew that exposure to glyphosate could increase a person’s risk of developing cancer

If you or a loved one developed lymphoma or some other type of cancer with the last decade and think it may have been caused by exposure to Roundup, we want to hear from you. Our Roundup lawsuit attorneys in Washington, D.C. can review your case and determine whether you could be successful in pursuing compensation. You may be eligible to join a class-action lawsuit with other affected individuals.

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The Value of a Roundup Injury Claim

It is impossible to determine the value of a claim before thoroughly investigating it. During an initial consultation with our firm, we can give you an estimate of how much money you could be eligible to receive for your claim.

A variety of factors will impact the value of your claim, including:

  • The length of time you have had cancer in relation to your level of exposure to Roundup
  • The extent of your pain and suffering related to your cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • All medical expenses related to your treatment
  • Wages you have lost and your diminished earning capacity

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Roundup & Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Have you lost a loved one to cancer that they developed due to Roundup exposure? You may be able to file a wrongful death claim to recover the compensation your family deserves for its loss. Damages in a wrongful death lawsuit may include pending medical bills, funeral expenses, and your lost companionship. In order to file a wrongful death claim, you must be a close family member of the deceased, such as a parent, grandparent, or spouse.

Class-Action Lawsuits against Monsanto

Lawyers today continue to gather evidence against Monsanto to help those who have been harmed by Roundup. Our Roundup lawsuit attorneys in Washington, D.C. are interested in speaking with any individual who developed cancer after being exposed to Roundup regularly. Your testimony could help us build a strong class-action lawsuit against Monsanto.

So what is a class-action lawsuit? In traditional injury claims, one person files suit against a defendant who wronged them. In a class action, however, multiple plaintiffs who all suffered similar injuries or damages can work together to file suit against the same defendant. When you opt into a class action, you receive a portion of any reward a judge grants to the plaintiffs.

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Whether you or someone in your family is suffering because of Monsanto’s dangerous product, you should not have to handle this situation alone. You have legal options, and Ashcraft & Gerel has the resources needed to take action on your behalf. We want to help you recover the full compensation to which you are entitled for the damages you have suffered and the pain you have endured.