Solutions to Feeling Pressured to Return to Work
May 17, 2019
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It’s not uncommon for people to feel like they should be back at work right away. This feeling often leads to people avoiding workers’ compensation claims altogether.

Only a Washington, DC workers’ comp lawyer can help you in these situations. Don’t fall prey to doctors and workers’ compensation reps scheming behind your back. If you’re not ready and your employer or doctor is pressuring you to return, you have options. Fight back.

What If You’re Not Ready To Return?

Something is wrong if you feel like you have to return to work or risk losing your job. You’re not alone if you feel this way. Many people report feeling that their doctor, employer, or family pressured them into returning to work too soon.

Get advice from a lawyer before deciding anything.

If your family is putting pressure on you to return to work, you may have to have a serious conversation with them. You might need to explain that your recovery now could reduce the likelihood of injuring yourself again. A full recovery is the best way to ensure your good health.

If you feel pressured to return because of impending bills, or an unsettled claim, then you need legal help now. Mounting bills and the lack of a paycheck can make anyone feel like they need to “suck it up” and go to work.

Workers’ compensation should be available for anyone that needs help with medical bills and lost wages. Contact a Washington, DC workers’ comp lawyer if your workers’ compensation claim was denied wrongfully. You have options when it comes to filing appeals and seeking a hearing from an Administrative Hearing Judge.


What If Your Employer is Pressuring You To Return?

It happens from time to time that valued employees don’t get a chance to rest. Calls from work, text messages about upcoming schedule changes and more can take away from your recovery.

Work with your employer to help them understand that you are off of work until your doctor decides otherwise. Experiencing an obligation to your job is normal. Your employer telling you to ignore your doctor’s recommended recovery schedule is not.

If you receive any instruction to return to work before your doctor releases you, contact a lawyer right away. It might seem like your employer wants you back because you’re a hard-working employee. But it’s more likely that they want you back to close out your claim. Not to mention ignoring a doctor’s orders on when to return to work can create more trouble for you than them.

What If Your Doctor is Pressuring You To Return?

You have the right to get a second opinion, at any point in time. You could have gone through diagnosis, and surgery and still get a second opinion.

If your workers’ compensation rep denies you the right to a second opinion you need legal help. Your company should have a minimum of six doctors available. If they refuse to move you from one doctor to another, visit a physician that you trust.

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Call a Washington, DC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

The back and forth struggle that comes with trying to return to work is endless. You may feel ready, but your doctor refuses to let you return.

You may not feel ready, and your doctor might release you on to “light duty” work. There are so many different situations it is to explain each possibility. Your best bet is to see a lawyer and learn more about your options.

Washington, DC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

A Washington, DC workers’ comp lawyer can help you learn more about second opinions, workers’ comp extensions, appeals and more. While there are some strict rules such as accepting light-duty work, there are many grey areas.

A workers’ compensation case impacts your livelihood, your family and many people go the anxiety of possibly losing their jobs. A lawyer should do everything possible to advocate for your job and your compensation.

You’ve worked for an employer for some time and if you were hurt on the job you deserve a payout. That payout isn’t a prize. It’s to help you pay your bills while you don’t have a paycheck. A workers’ compensation claim should help to cover medical expenses that you wouldn’t have if not for your work.

Contact a lawyer with Ashcraft and Gerel for a free review of your case.  An experienced Washington, DC workers’ comp lawyer can identify where your case might have gone wrong. Ashcraft and Gerel understand that your questions and concerns aren’t just about your case.