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We Can Help You File a Roundup Weed Killer Class-Action Lawsuit

Roundup is a popular type of weed killer that has been used by homeowners, business owners, and agricultural workers for years. People who have purchased Roundup did so under the impression that it was safe to use when used as directed. Unfortunately, reports have shown that there is a dangerous connection between Roundup and the development of lymphoma and other forms of cancer.

If you or someone you love has developed cancer after using Roundup weed killer, we urge you to contact Ashcraft & Gerel today. Our Roundup lawsuit attorneys in Landover can assess your case and determine if you have a valid claim. Let us help you fight for justice and the compensation you are owed.

The attorneys at Ashcraft & Gerel have years of experience representing families in personal injury and wrongful death cases – especially those related to exposure to harmful chemicals and substances like lead paint and asbestos. As such, we have the knowledge and experience you need to seek full and fair compensation from Monsanto for their negligence.


The Dangers of Roundup

Roundup is a type of herbicide that targets and kills weeds and grasses using a chemical called glyphosate. Over the years, it has been used on private lawns, in public parks, in commercial nurseries, and beyond. In fact, Roundup is so commonly used for farming that it is sprayed on over 80% of crops grown in the U.S. Even if you do not consume the affected food directly, these crops could have been fed to the livestock you eat.

Studies have shown that people who have endured repeated exposure to Roundup may be at an increased risk of developing cancer, particularly non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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Filing a Roundup Lawsuit

Monsanto – the company that makes and sells Roundup – has allegedly known for several years of the link between Roundup and cancer. And for years, it failed to warn the public.

Many people have started investigating just how much Monsanto knew about the potential hazards of its product. Recently uncovered evidence shows that both the EPA and Monsanto knew about the dangers and took steps to cover up the cancer risk by ghostwriting reports “proving” the contrary. Even though more than a dozen toxicologists at the EPA believed Roundup was linked to cancer, the EPA still used Monsanto’s papers to downplay the risk of cancer.

Jess Rowland, the ex-EPA official who was in charge of reviewing the Roundup case, allegedly collaborated with Monsanto to brush off the claims that Roundup was linked to cancer.

Since the public found out about the dangers of Roundup, the company has been hit with several lawsuits. If you developed cancer and have used Roundup within the last decade, you may be able to initiate a class-action lawsuit against Monsanto to recover financial compensation.

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The Value of Your Claim

You might be wondering how much your Roundup lawsuit is worth. As with any injury claim, the value depends on the circumstances of your situation. During an initial consultation with our Roundup lawsuit attorneys in Landover, you can learn more about your claim’s potential value.

Generally speaking, the value of your claim depends on:

  • How long you have had cancer and the level of your exposure to Roundup
  • The pain and suffering you have endured since receiving your cancer diagnosis
  • The cost of your current and future medical treatment
  • Wages you have lost or your lost earning capacity

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Filing a Wrongful Death Claim against Monsanto

Did you lose a loved one to cancer linked to the use of Roundup? If so, you may still be able to recover compensation on their behalf by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. As a surviving family member, you are entitled to compensation to cover your loved one’s medical expenses, funeral costs, and your own suffering and loss.

Our Roundup lawsuit attorneys in Landover can review your case and ensure that you qualify for a lawsuit. We may need to help you provide proof of profession for your lost loved one, as well as evidence that they endured regular exposure to Roundup.

Keep in mind that only certain family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit, including:

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Guardians

What Is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

When a large group of people who share a similar claim or complaint against a defendant takes legal action together, this is called a class-action lawsuit. When you opt into a class-action lawsuit, you receive part of the reward granted by the judge.

If you were harmed by Roundup, you can join a class action alongside others who suffered similar damages. Our firm is interested in speaking with anyone who developed cancer after using Roundup regularly. Your testimony could be paramount. Should the lawsuit be successful, you may be able to receive compensation and help protect other consumers from the dangers of Roundup.

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The effects of Roundup have been devastating to families throughout the country. If you or someone you love is suffering from cancer caused by the use of Roundup, we want to hear from you and help you. With Ashcraft & Gerel on your side, you may be able to recover significant compensation. It’s time to fight for the justice you and your family deserve.