Is There a Time Limit on Workers Comp Benefits in Maryland?
October 15, 2018
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If you get injuries from an accident during work, you are entitled to collect Landover workers comp. That is a policy that employers take in case their employees are hurt while at work. Your benefits can be used to pay for many different things such as medical bills and lost wages. That is so that you don’t have to dig into your pocket for injuries that are not your fault.

Filing for workers comp is a straightforward process, but that depends on how fast you work. As in any other personal injury case, it is always best to file as soon as possible. That means that if you are in a position to report immediately you should. It avoids any speculation that your injuries may have a different cause than the actual one.

While you can go through this process without Landover workers comp attorneys, it is best that you get one. He will help you file the claim if you are in the hospital and will ensure that everything is in place. In case there are any disputes, he is the best person to defend your interests.

The Statute of Limitations for Workers Compensation and Why You Need Landover Workers Comp Attorneys

You need to report your injury to your Landover, MD employer as soon as it happens. It ensures that it is easy to find out the cause and so that your claim will be dealt with swiftly. There are three types of workers comp claims that you can make after your injury. All of these claims have different time limits within which you have to report and fill in the application. They are:

Injury Following an Accident

You cannot get workers comp in Maryland if you caused your injury due to your neglect. It is essential that it is an accident for you to get any benefits. You have up to 10 days to report your injury to your employer. This step is vital since it allows him to communicate to the commission about your injury.

Once you have reported, you should fill in the accidental injury claim for within 60 days of the injury. That is the given statute of limitations in Landover, MD. However, you have to file the complaint within two years of the damage. That is the final time provided by the commission after which your case will not be considered further.

You can only get an extension if the employer somehow causes the employee not to make a claim. That can be by him failing to notify the commission about the accidental injury. If that is the case, then your time may be increased.


Occupational Disease Claim

There are some Landover, MD compensable occupational diseases in workers comp. If you discover that you have any of those diseases, you should notify your employer within a year. If you fail to give him the notice, then you prevent yourself from getting compensation.

Once you have reported, you have to notify the commission about your disease. The notification should be within two years from the time you knew that the cause of your illness is your place of work. You cannot get an extension unless there are some fraudulent activities by your employer preventing you from reporting.

Death Claim

If an employee dies due to injuries caused at the workplace or dies after an accident at work, the family should file for workers comp. If the employee died following injuries suffered while at work; notice should be given to the employer within 30 days. In case the death was sued to an occupational disease, notice to the employer must be within one year after death.

The claim should be filed with the commission within 18 months of the death caused by accidental injury. If the cause was an occupational disease, then the request with the commission should be made within two years. The family should file the claim, whether or not they are sure that the cause was from the workplace.

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It is possible to feel overwhelmed by everything and miss the deadline to file for workers comp. That is why you need Landover workers comp attorneys. At Ashcraft and Gerel LLP we will ensure that we help you file everything on time. We also have experienced Landover workers comp attorneys that can advise in any situation that you find yourself. Just call us today and let us start helping you with your worker’s compensation claim.