How Long Can You Be on Workers Compensation in Baltimore, MD?
October 29, 2018
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If you get into an accident in your line of work or during working hours, you should get workers’ compensation. It is meant to cover any Baltimore, MD work-related injuries or losses that you suffer. That means that it is paid by your employer which is why all employers should have that insurance cover. A Maryland workers comp lawyer is your best option for getting justice when there are issues with your employer. Whether they don’t have the insurance coverage or they are refusing to pay you, your attorney can help you. The law is clear on when the compensation should be paid, and if your case is legitimate, you will get paid for your injuries.

A workers’ comp case is quite simple to solve when the facts are on the table. However, some employers do not want to pay even when the circumstances of the injury are clear. In such a case, you need to get legal representation so that you get your dues.

Which Injuries Are Covered Under Workers Comp and Why You Need a Maryland Workers Comp Lawyer?

In Baltimore, MD, not all injuries that are suffered while at work qualify for workers comp. According to the Maryland statute, it has to be an accidental injury that occurs during work hours or in the course of your employment. The injuries include such things as occupational diseases, but you have to prove that they originated from your work.

Another important thing that must occur before one can file for workers comp is that they have to be employees. A contractor or any other person hired to provide services without being official employees cannot register for compensation. Some of the injuries covered in workers comp include:

  • Medical benefits. These cover all the medical care costs such as the cost of surgery, medication, and tests needed. They are usually paid right from when you go to the hospital due to an injury.
  • Lost wages. If you miss some days or weeks of work due to work-related injuries, your employer should reimburse your payments.
  • Temporary disability. The employee may also get compensation due to temporary disability, that is at or less than 14 days. That can either be a partial or total disability.
  • Permanent disability. Employees who are disabled permanently get this type of benefit. That means that they cannot go about their duties as usual. It can also be total or partial depending on the case.
  • Death and funeral. If an employee dies due to injuries caused by an accident at work, his family can get workers comp. It is usually to help with the funeral expenses as well as taking care of their welfare.

In case you’re uncertain of the type of compensation that you can receive, your lawyer can shed more light. He’ll also help smoothen out the process of filing the claim so that you get what you deserve.


How Long Can You Be on Workers Comp? How Can a Maryland Workers Comp Lawyer Help?

Before the duration that you will receive benefits is determined, you need to ensure that you file your claim on time. There are different time allowances, but ideally, it should be as soon as you discover the injury. That is done to avoid any disputes from your employer.

Once you start receiving your workers’ comp, you will continue getting it until you recover. That could mean that you will keep getting a partial amount of your wages until you can return to work. However, the duration mainly differs with the situation and severity of the injury.

If you reach a point that there is nothing more that can get done for you to improve, you can get a full settlement. A final and complete agreement is made when you do not need further medical attention. It is also paid if you are not expected to make a further recovery soon. It is usually a lump sum that is determined by your situation.

If the employee is deceased, the family will continue receiving compensation for up to 12 years. The children will receive the payment for up to the age of 18 or 23 if they are in a full-time school.

In case you are having a problem understanding the terms of your workers’ comp, your attorney can advise. We have an experienced workers comp lawyer that is ready to listen to you. Reach out to us at Ashcraft and Gerel LLP for a consultation on your case. Let us advise you on what to do and how to collect maximum benefits.