Ashcraft & Gerel Fights for Those Injured by ParaGard® IUDs
November 23, 2020
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The Ashcraft & Gerel legal team is now accepting injury cases concerning ParaGard® copper intrauterine devices (IUDs). With more and more patients coming forward about the harm their IUD caused them, our attorneys feel compelled to fight against the responsible party.

ParaGard® is the only nonhormonal, copper birth control implant in the United States. It is a small, T-shaped plastic device wrapped with a copper coil that claims impressive capabilities: a 99% effectiveness rating and a lifespan of up to 10 years. The absence of hormones is a huge draw for individuals who suffer negative symptoms associated with hormonal birth control methods, such as the pill. The only risks most people know of are the possibility of developing heavy and severe menstruation and having to endure the painful process of getting the IUD inserted and later removed.

Unfortunately, the lawsuits concerning these IUDs highlight a risk the manufacturer, CooperSurgical, failed to disclose: During or prior to removal, the arms of the implant may break and become lodged inside of the body. Patients have had to undergo numerous surgeries to remove broken arms from their body, including minimally invasive procedures like hysteroscopies (an examination of the cervix and uterus conducted using a thin tube) and major surgeries such as hysterectomies (the surgical removal of the uterus).


Not only is undergoing surgery difficult, draining, and expensive, but it can be traumatic when you were never warned that you were at risk in the first place. If you were injured or required surgery because of a defective copper IUD, you may be eligible to file a legal claim against CooperSurgical and other related companies.

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