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We all have a duty to act in a reasonable manner when it comes to the safety of others, and this duty is legally enforceable in some situations. Negligence is defined as an act or inaction that constitutes a deviation from a reasonable level of care in the circumstances. If someone suffers actual harm as a result of negligence, they may have grounds for legal action against the negligent party. The general idea is relatively straightforward – holding people accountable for their wrongdoing – but it can get quite complicated in practice.

Fortunately, our team of Fairfax personal injury attorneys at Ashcraft & Gerel is highly experienced in handling cases involving general negligence, including:


Defining Negligence & Reasonable Care

There are many different levels of conduct that may be considered negligence, and some people or activities are held to a higher standard than others. Medical professionals, for example, have a legal obligation to provide a standard level of care to patients. They are held to a high standard because of their training and education in the field. Drivers must obey traffic laws, pay attention to the road, and exercise reasonable caution when operating their vehicles. Property owners must maintain reasonably safe grounds. Depending on the situation, varying standards may apply.

A meticulous investigation and analysis of your accident or injuries can reveal how negligence played a part and what party (or parties) can be held accountable. With our resources and experience, our Fairfax law firm can deliver competent counsel on this complicated matter.