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Investigating Harmful Testosterone Treatments in Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland

Testosterone is a hormone that contributes to male development and growth. It affects a man’s sex drive, his ability to maintain muscle mass, his red blood cell production, his fat distribution, and his bone density. Some men with low levels of testosterone and an associated medical condition are prescribed therapies aimed at boosting their testosterone.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that many FDA-approved and prescribed testosterone therapies can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular medical conditions. In 2014, the FDA announced its investigation into these claims.

The attorneys at Ashcraft & Gerel are investigating potential lawsuits against the makers of these drug therapies on behalf of men who have experienced cardiovascular injuries after using a testosterone therapy product.

The Hidden Problems with Low-Testosterone Therapies

Testosterone therapy comes in many forms. Many men use it as a topical gel, a transdermal patch, a buccal system, or an injection.

Scientific studies show that using testosterone therapy can lead to medical complications including:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Blood clots
  • Death

These studies also prove that dangerous blood clots can develop as soon as one month after testosterone replacement therapy begins and that many men who have experienced blood clots after starting testosterone therapy had unknown, inherited clotting disorders that put them at greater risk for developing clots. However, they were not tested for these clotting disorders by their physicians prior to starting the drug therapy.

According to news media reports on increases in prescription testosterone sales, pharmaceutical advertising often promotes excessive and improper use of testosterone products. In fact, in 2012 alone, the industry made over $2 billion on testosterone therapy gels after marketing them as “lifestyle products.”

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