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Allegations against national retailer Aaron’s, Inc. have brought to light the company’s gross violations of federal privacy and technology laws. By installing secret tracking software and hidden cameras in many of its “rent-to-own” computers, Aaron’s, Inc. and its franchisees were able to track customers’ movements and even see what they were doing privately in their own homes.

The implications of these allegations are jaw-dropping. The privacy of thousands of customers could have been compromised for years without their knowledge. Webcam photos, screenshots, and keystroke logs could have been shared with representatives of Aaron’s, Inc. without a single customer’s consent.

If you have purchased or rented a computer from Aaron’s, Inc., we urge you to come forward and discuss your potential claim with Ashcraft & Gerel. Our Aaron’s, Inc. spyware lawsuit attorneys in Manassas can help you file a claim and pursue justice.


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The people whose privacy has been compromised by this scandal deserve compensation for the harm they have suffered. Though financial compensation cannot undo Aaron’s, Inc.’s actions, it can help you move forward from this disturbing experience. The path to justice is best walked with a knowledgeable attorney by your side. We urge you to allow our firm to represent your best interests along the way.

To strengthen our fight against Aaron’s, Inc., Ashcraft & Gerel has joined forces with other law firms, including Jamieson & Robinson, The Spence Law Firm, and Levin, Fishbein, Sedran and Berman. Together, we have formed a large plaintiffs’ lawyer group focused on holding Aaron’s, Inc. accountable.