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Holding Negligent Car Manufacturers Accountable

We put a lot of trust in vehicle designers and carmakers. We expect that they have maintained a high standard of care when performing their work. After all, the products they sell are an integral part of our daily lives.

Unfortunately, our trust is sometimes misplaced. The reality is that auto manufacturers do not always make and sell cars that live up to those high standards. Unsafe designs and manufacturing defects can lead to serious and even fatal injuries.

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an accident caused by a vehicle defect, you may have a valid auto product liability claim. Ashcraft & Gerel is here to help you initiate that claim and pursue the compensation to which you are entitled.


Did a Vehicle Defect Cause Your Injuries?

If you suffered an injury after a car accident, you will have to first determine the cause of the accident. Was it a negligent driver? Or was it an auto part defect? If a part of your car itself failed, you will want to take legal action against the designer, manufacturer, or other party involved in making and selling the vehicle.

Over the years, Ashcraft & Gerel has handled numerous auto product liability claims, including those involving:

Quite often, defective auto parts are the result of faulty manufacturing, unsafe designs, or shipping errors. They can also be caused by a manufacturer’s failure to properly test the part or to provide an adequate safety warning. Perhaps the worst kind of carmaker negligence is when a company knows about a potential defect but fails to fix it or warn the public.

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Determining the Source of the Problem

Whatever the case may be, negligent manufacturers need to be held accountable when they sell and profit from faulty vehicles.

We have handled liability claims involving:

Our auto product liability attorneys in Manassas can conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and determine who should be held liable for the injuries you suffered. As we investigate your claim, we’ll work with subject-matter experts, perform extensive tests on your vehicle and the defective component, and navigate the complicated legal challenges that arise along the way.

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The sooner you file an auto product liability claim, the stronger your claim can become. Defects in car, truck, motorcycle, and ATV parts should be taken seriously, and manufacturers should be held accountable for mistakes and negligence.

Ashcraft & Gerel is a premier product liability litigation firm that is ready to help you pursue legal action. We have gone up against some of the most prominent corporations and manufacturers around the world, always with our clients’ best interests in mind.