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If a Bad Driver Caused You to Suffer an Accident, Talk to Our Team to Learn Your Legal Rights

No matter how carefully you drive, all it takes is one other person ignoring a stop sign or texting instead of noticing your brake lights to cause an accident. Even the most defensive driving can’t protect you from someone who is not properly aware of their surroundings. You may suffer serious injuries due to absolutely no fault of your own.

It’s unfair that you, as a safe and responsible driver, must now deal with the consequences of someone else’s poor choices. While there is sadly nothing we can do to prevent careless drivers from being on the road, our team can help you pursue justice against the person who hit you. After an accident, you may be eligible to sue for compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Decreased earning potential
  • Projected future medical needs
  • Pain and suffering

As you try to put your life back together after an accident, having financial compensation can help you move forward. You shouldn’t have to pay for the damage someone else caused. Our attorneys are here to help you negotiate for a fair settlement if a car accident has upended your life.


Common Questions About Car Accident Claims

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How Much Pain Is Normal After a Car Accident?

There’s no such thing as a “normal” amount of pain for the human body. Pain is a sign some part of your body has been damaged, and the injury might be worse than you think. If you’re hurting at all, it’s essential to go see a doctor for a full check-up.It is important to remember not all injuries cause immediate soreness.

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Should I Call My Insurer, or the At-Fault Party’s, After an Accident?

We understand the urge to move as quickly as possible after a car accident, but dialing an insurance adjuster may be a mistake. Especially if you speak to the at-fault party’s insurance, they may try to trick you into saying something they can use to “prove” you were liable. Instead of opening yourself up to this risk, reach out to our team. We can protect your rights against insurance adjusters who don’t want to pay you.

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How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients file injury claims, so we can help you strategize and make the process as smooth as possible. Other benefits of working with an attorney include:

  • We’re professional negotiators who know how to maximize your claim
  • We can handle the paperwork, phone calls, and other endless insurer requirements you don’t have the time or energy for
  • If an insurer won’t make a fair settlement, we can file a suit against them
  • Our successful court record often convinces insurers to make a fair offer because they don’t want a lawsuit

When Should I Get an Attorney?

After a car accident, we recommend reaching out to an attorney as soon as you’re able. With thousands of these cases under our belt, our team can help you with elements like gathering and preserving evidence or understanding medical symptoms. The sooner we’ve heard your story, the more we can do to help you build a strong claim before complicating factors get in the way.

We Have Experiencing Helping the Victims of Complex and Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents kill more than 35,000 Americans each year, despite advancements in safety technology. Others who are lucky enough to survive may experience catastrophic injuries that will never fully heal. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you need a skilled and experienced attorney on your side.

Insurers know just how much catastrophic injury may cost you over the course of your life, and they’ll be especially determined to reach a settlement before you discover how unfair their offer is. We therefore urge you to refrain from speaking with insurers until you have contacted us. We can step into negotiations on your behalf, using our experience to argue for an appropriate settlement for your situation.

Serious and Catastrophic Injuries from Car Accidents

As a car accident victim, you may suffer from one or more severe injuries that will be slow to heal and/or may need continual medical attention for the rest of your life. Serious car accidents can cause:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neck and back injury
  • Burns
  • Amputation/loss of limb

Those who are injured in this way may never be able to return to their old life. They deserve compensation for every single thing they’ve lost, not to mention the challenges they may face in the future.

Experience Matters in Catastrophic Injury Cases

To receive a fair catastrophic injury settlement, an accident victim must prove, either to an insurer or a jury, that they are facing significant changes that will be costly. While this may seem self-evident, especially for those with the injuries listed above, calculating the damages these victims likely face can be complex. Catastrophic injuries can have a ripple effect that goes much beyond the obvious. Determining the worth of a claim is not as easy as an insurer may like to pretend.

Our team has helped many accident victims recover multi-million-dollar settlements after catastrophic injuries. We have experience with the technical and scientific sides of such arguments, along with a wide network of medical professionals who testify on behalf of injury victims. A liable insurer will do all they can to downplay an injury so they can decrease their settlement. Our team can refute their arguments and provide compelling evidence on your behalf.

Our Silver Spring Attorneys Are on Your Side

If you are in need of help after a car accident caused by another party, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced attorney team. We know you may already feel overwhelmed by the number of things on your plate—but calling an attorney can actually take stress off your shoulders. We can do all the work of filing a claim so you can rest and focus on your recovery.

The team at Ashcraft & Gerel fights aggressively for every single one of our clients. We’re not afraid to face off with big insurers in court if that’s what it takes to find justice. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, you deserve someone who will fight hard to find the justice you deserve.