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Helping Those Who Were Injured by Drunk Drivers

Everyone on Maryland’s roads knows better than to drink and drive. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is inexcusable, especially because a driver isn’t just putting themselves in danger—they’re risking the lives of everyone on the roads.

When a drunk driver causes a serious auto accident, victims may feel a mixture of emotions including sadness, uncertainty, and anger. Between these thoughts and your medical needs, it’s hard to find the time and energy to make an injury claim. We are here to help anyone in this position seek the compensation they need.

Our lawyers are supportive and caring, and ready to do whatever it takes to help you find justice after being hurt in a drunk driving accident. You do not have to go through this alone; speak with one of our team members today to learn how we can support you.


Proving Liability in a Drunk Driving Accident

If one driver who was in an accident was drunk, it seems obvious they should be liable for any injuries or damage caused. However, this is not how the law works. Though drinking and driving is an obvious example of negligent behavior, a sober driver can also make mistakes that contribute to a collision. Under Maryland’s comparative negligence law, if you were partially to blame for an accident, your compensation can be reduced.

Anything from traveling slightly over the speed limit to rolling through a stop sign may be cited by the defense to suggest you held some of the fault in a collision. Make sure you have a lawyer to help you fight back against unfair accusations. The good news is a drunk driver’s testimony is less credible if a case ends up going to trial—but you still need someone on your side who knows how to construct a strong argument that protects your right to compensation.

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Damages in a Drunk Driving Claim

When you file your injury claim, you can seek damages for any losses—current or future—related to your injury. Victims of severe and catastrophic injuries are likely to face astronomical expenses over the course of their lifetime. No matter how big the first settlement offer you receive sounds, it’s important to check with a lawyer to learn whether it’s fair. Chances are, the insurance adjuster has deliberately understated the amount you’re eligible to recover.

Ashcraft & Gerel brings in medical and life care experts to map out the impacts an injury is likely to have on your future. We can help you seek compensation for damages including:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Physical/vocational therapy
  • Mental health care
  • Lost wages
  • Decreased earning potential
  • Accommodations/assistive devices
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you could be eligible for additional damages that aren’t listed above. Drunk driving accidents sometimes allow plaintiffs to ask for punitive damages, especially when commercial drivers are involved. We will explore all potential avenues of compensation to help maximize your recovery.

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Drunk Driving Wrongful Death Claims

More than 100 people die in Maryland drunk driving accidents each year, leaving families adrift. Our team can help you prepare a wrongful death claim so you can receive the compensation you need to help you through this time. While nothing can replace the love and support of our family members, filing a suit can give you a financial safety net as you try to figure out your next steps.

If you are not sure whether filing a wrongful death claim is the right move, our attorneys are here to offer caring and honest guidance.

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Finding Justice for Drunk Driving Victims

We all know the criminal justice system has methods for dealing with drunk drivers but, while it may be satisfying to see the person who hurt you punished for their behavior, accident victims need and deserve much more. You can seek financial compensation for your losses by filing a personal injury claim in Baltimore, MD. This is true even when the person who injured you is already facing criminal charges or has been convicted. Regardless of what is happening in the criminal courts, our team can do our part to preserve evidence and build a strong case for compensation.

Ashcraft & Gerel has been in business for 65 years, taking on several complex and high-profile cases during that time. We have the dedication to fight each claim until the very end. As a result, we’ve recovered over $1 billion for our clients and even changed legal precedents and national laws. Let us help you seek justice if you were seriously injured by a drunk driver.