A Statement from Robert P. Enderle on the Sparrows Point Building Collapse
December 6, 2014
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Our thoughts and prayers are with the nine workers who were hospitalized Monday after the roof gave way on a building at the former steel mill in Sparrows Point, Maryland. Four of those hurt suffered serious to critical injuries, authorities said, and state regulators were on the scene investigating what went wrong.

Ashcraft & Gerel has been representing working men and women for more than 60 years but the fight is not over. We recognize the urgent need to rapidly improve working conditions and ask that regulators, employers and all charged with worker safety make this their priority.

The Sparrows Point tragedy is just the most recent and graphic example of the dangers faced every day by America’s working men and women. We will continue our aggressive pace to pressure employers to implement solutions to the complex challenges surrounding worker safety and to vigorously defend those injured on the job.

We invite all those who share our goal to join us in creating common standards and sustainable solutions to prevent these events from happening in the future.