Are All Employers Required to Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?
December 14, 2018
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Almost all Manassas, VA employers with one or more employees are required to have workers comp insurance. It is the law in Maryland, and it is meant to protect the employees from harm. It also protects the employer from having to pay massive amounts when an employee gets injuries at work. That’s why important for every person that has an employee, including domestic workers to get the coverage.

If you as an employer fail to get the insurance cover, you not only endanger your employees but your business as well. If your employee gets harmed while working for you, he can easily sue you. Also if it the court discovers that you had some part to play in their injuries, you’d have to pay him. That could mean the end of your business depending on the amount set by the court.

Having an experienced Manassas, VA lawyer to advise on all matters workers’ compensation will save you a lot. It will ensure that you are operating according to the law hence you are safe. Ensure that you hire a great Manassas workers comp attorney that will demystify and issues that you may have on the matter.

Is It Required That All Employers Carry Workers Comp?

According to the law, all employers need to have workers compensation insurance. That is regardless of whether you have one or two employees. Households that have Manassas, VA domestic workers must also have insurance coverage for them. However, there are many cases where the employer is not required to have coverage. These include the following:

  • Agricultural employers who have less than three employees or a yearly payroll of less than $15,000 do not need to have workers comp.
  • Employers that hire contractors that are not official employees do not need workers comp for them.

Also, Manassas, VA owners of businesses such as partners in partnerships are not required to have worker’s compensation. When an employer that is expected to have the insurance coverage doesn’t have it, they are committing a crime. They stand to be fined $10,000 for not complying, and the punishment will worsen every time they do not purchase the coverage.

You can get workers comp insurance coverage from any private insurance company that is verified to provide it. If the insurance company is not verified or licensed, then you risk having a complicated claim with your employee. Larger businesses may request the Manassas workers comp commission for permission to become self-insured. It is a long and expensive process since it requires the company to have adequate money set aside for paying claims.


Why Should You Carry Workers Comp and why do you need Workers Comp lawyer Manassas VA?

You may think of opting out of getting the insurance cover for your employees. However, that is a bad decision. Workers compensation is important since:

  • It is the law. You will be committing a crime by refusing to carry workers comp. You stand to get a fine of $10,000 and more if you continue violating the law.
  • It protects your employees. While you are an essential part of your business, your employees are as essential too. They implement all your thoughts and ideas and make your business what it is. If they are hurt and unable to work, your business suffers.
  • It protects you. By buying the insurance premiums, you are sure that if an employee gets injuries, the insurance company will pay him. That reduces direct risks to you that may cause you financial constraints.
  • Avoid lawsuits. If you do not have the insurance coverage and an employee gets injured during work, then he will sue you. That means that you will have to spend more money on court fees and in the end, you will have to pay them from your pocket.
  • Keeps your business safe. If you get several lawsuits from employees due to injuries yet you don’t have workers comp, your business is at risk. That is because you may end up having to dig deep into your pockets to pay them. As a result, your company lacks the funds to operate, and it may soon close.

Call Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer for Help

There are some areas around Manassas, VA workers comp that may be difficult to understand. You may be unaware of what is required of you hence getting yourself in trouble. However, with the help from Ashcraft and Gerel LLP, you will have all the information you need. Our experienced Manassas workers comp lawyers are also ready to advise you if a situation arises.