What Happens If You File a Fraudulent Worker’s Comp Claim in Rockville, Md?
January 28, 2019
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If you get hurt at work, you can expect worker’s comp insurance to take care of you. It usually will pay for your medical care and offer replacement wages while you’re out of work. Although some claims are denied from time to time, generally speaking, most claims are approved.

Some people can’t imagine why their claim would be denied. They figure if they get hurt at work, they should automatically be entitled to benefits. However, there are times when the insurance company doubts the veracity of your claim. They may think you weren’t injured. Or they think you got hurt some other way than on the job.

One of the reasons insurance companies think like this is because some people do file fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. They make it hard for people who were legitimately hurt to get paid.

If you’re accused of filing a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim in Rockville, Maryland, you’re going to need a worker’s comp attorney.

Rockville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Know What Constitutes Fraud

Being accused of filing a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim is serious. Not only will you be denied benefits, but there are also other serious consequences. You can face fines and a denial of your claim. You’ll be required to pay back any benefits you may have already received.

Some of the most common scenarios that may involve allegations of fraud include:

  • The injury is not work-related – If you get hurt outside work and claim it happened on the job, it will be considered fraud. For example, let’s say you hurt your knee playing football with friends over the weekend. You report to work Monday and within an hour of punching in a claim that you got hurt.
  • You lie about having an injury – You may claim you’re injured when you’re not really hurt at all. Let’s say you claim to have a back injury just to get out of work for a few months. If it’s discovered that you were never really injured, your claim will be deemed fraudulent.
  • Exaggerating how serious your injuries are- If you pretend your injuries are worse than they really are, it’s considered fraud.
  • You lie about your out of pocket expenses – If part of your claim includes mileage for medical appointments, don’t inflate the mileage. This will cause your claim to be fraudulent.
  • You’re secretly working another job – Even if your injuries are real, this will cause your claim to be denied for fraud. You can’t work another job while collecting worker’s compensation benefits.

If you do any of these things, you’ll probably be called out for filing a fraudulent claim. But what if your claim is legitimate? Also, how can you overcome an allegation of fraud?


Your Rockville Worker’s Compensation Attorney Knows the Penalties for Fraud

Being accused of filing a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim carries some pretty stiff penalties. Your Rockville worker’s comp attorney knows this. In Maryland, if you get caught filing a fraudulent workers comp claim, the following penalties apply:

  • Your claim will be denied and barred
  • If you have received any benefits, you must repay them
    • Medical benefits and treatments
    • Wages
    • Any out of pocket reimbursement
  • You will face criminal penalties depending on how much your claim was

These are all serious consequences. If you didn’t knowingly or intentionally file a fraudulent claim, you need to contact a Rockville worker’s compensation attorney. He can help prove that your claim wasn’t fraudulent. He can also prove that you didn’t knowingly lie about your claim.

There are times when you may not intentionally commit fraud. However, if you submit incorrect information by accident, it can still result in a dismissal of your claim. Most insurance companies will not pursue criminal action if they believe your claim was filed in error.

Contact a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Rockville, Maryland Today

If you’ve been accused of filing a fraudulent worker’s comp claim, you are going to need an attorney. Call and schedule your initial consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney in Rockville today. Your attorney can help you fight the fraud allegations.

Your attorney can help show that you didn’t intentionally file a fraudulent claim. And, if your claim is legitimate, he can help get your claim approved. If you were truly injured while on the job, you are entitled to certain benefits.

The insurance company will have lawyers fighting for them. You need to have one fighting for you too!