5 Lies People Tell About Workers’ Compensation
June 21, 2019
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There are many things that go on in day-to-day activities at work. Most people have had a conversation about workers’ compensation at some point in time. But if you got any of your information from a coworker, it’s probably false.

Workers’ compensation attorneys in Manassas, VA see many common misunderstanding with the claims process every day.

1. Employers Refuse Compliance All the Time

Refusing to comply with a workers’ compensation claim comes with hefty fines for companies. It’s not financially reasonable for employers to refuse to comply. Now, employers can provide false information or attempt to avoid providing all the information they have.

Providing false or incomplete information only holds up the process and can also come with fines. So if someone has told you that it’s not worth filing a claim because the company will refuse it, that’s not true.

A company failing to comply with the workers’ compensation commission within Virginia can lead to felony charges and prison sentences.


2. Your Employer Probably Doesn’t Even Have Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

Virginia is very strict about workers’ compensation and workplace safety standards. Essentially, if your employer has more than 3 full-time staff members, they must have workers’ compensation coverage.

Employers need to have their workers’ compensation insurance information as well as at least 6 doctors in the area posted for all employees to see. If you don’t know where to find this information, ask your manager or someone in the Human Resources department.

It’s likely that your employer does have coverage but may not have the information displayed.

3. If You Didn’t Report It, You Can’t Get Compensation.

Workers’ compensation covers much more than just accidents, and not everything leads to an accident report. Yes, if you are hurt as part of a workplace accident, you must report it. Why? First, because your company probably has a policy about reporting accidents. Second, this report will help your claim, not hurt it. Finally, not reporting an accident can impact your claim.

This lie does have some truth to it. Not reporting an accident can lead to some problems with your claim. But there are many claims that involve illness, or injury from everyday activities such as carpal tunnel or rotary cuff problems.

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4. Visiting the “Right” Doctor Can Make A Difference

There’s a rumor that certain doctors can get you big compensation payouts. That’s not true, in fact seeing a doctor that is known for hyping up injuries can hurt your claim if a doctor has a large volume of workers’ compensation claims on their record that could impact your claim.

Ideally, you want a doctor that is familiar with the workers’ compensation process and knows how to fill out necessary paperwork but doesn’t take these patients all the time. It’s a sweet spot. If you can, or you have the choice, opt to have your primary care physician as your doctor of choice.

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5. Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney is Pointless

Many employees trust in the system of workers’ compensation insurance, but when you look at the process, it’s not catering to employees at all. Your employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance so that the company is going to be looking out to protect your employer.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission will look out for you, but they see thousands of claims daily. What you need is the help of someone who has your interests in mind and no one else’s. Workers’ compensation attorneys can explain what your case will look like in front of the commission and the insurance company.

Additionally, workers’ compensation attorneys can help you prepare for a hearing if you must go through an appeals process. Not only would you have to speak in front of a judge, but you may have to give a statement that doesn’t reflect your employer in a good light. For many people, it’s very intimidating.

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Workers’ compensation isn’t a cut and dry procedure, and many people make decisions based on hearsay. That’s not fair to put yourself in a bad position because of what you’ve heard has happened to others. There are many common myths that come along with workers’ compensation.

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