Understanding Why Workers’ Compensation Exists
June 7, 2019
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So you just got hurt at work, and suddenly you’re told to file for workers’ compensation. But why? Most injured employees know that they need to file for disability if they are unable to work for some time. But, workers’ compensation exists to cover a variety of gaps that exist.

Rely on a workers’ comp lawyer in Manassas, VA to help you better understand how your accident or injury from work will impact your life.

Brief Overview of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation goes back a long way appearing in Roman, Greek, and even Chinese law. Taking a look at what resembles our more modern system, it looks like the standard American understanding of workers’ compensation started in 1906.

Not only did workers’ compensation come with a range of laws that set out the liability of employers, but they put safety standards in place too. Virginia was one of the first states to jump on board to provide compensation for lost wages and medical costs from workplace accidents.

Through the last century workers’ compensation has changed very little. The big difference is the paperwork that comes with a claim and the likelihood of denial. In Virginia, most claims are denied at first. Usually, because of the associated paperwork.

Modern-day workers’ compensation is a struggle for the employees to attempt to obtain compensation for lost wages and medical bills.


What Injuries Does Workers’ Comp Cover?

Anything that is a direct result of a workplace accident or injury should fall under the coverage of workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation only covers work-related injuries and does not cover anything that might be related to an existing condition.

For example, injury from the repetitive movement at work, or an accident such as a slip-and-fall, apply for workers’ compensation coverage. However, a back injury from years prior flaring up at work typically is not covered.

If you have any questions as to whether your injury applies to workers’ compensation, speak with your doctor and a lawyer. Your doctor can provide you insight into how the injury occurred. When you can tie an injury to a direct incident, that is when you need to speak with a lawyer.

The Gap Between Wages and Disability

Social Security Disability is often the go-to solution for people who are unable to work because they have an injury. The short-term disability is common, and most people will use it at some time in their working life.

However, disability only covers a rather small percentage of your wages. In fact, unless you’re on family medical leave, you can expect about half of your wages in disability. So how do you pay your bills and the additional medical costs with only half of your wages? You can’t work; you still need to recover. Well, this is where workers’ compensation comes into play.

Workers’ compensation helps close the gap between disability and the rest of your financial needs, which generally spike with an injury.

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A Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Manassas Offers Insight and Advice

Working with a workers’ compensation lawyer is the only way to ensure that you completely understand the process and system. You will file a lot of paperwork, supply a lot of information and may have to attend hearings in an attempt to get claim approval.

A workers’ compensation lawyer should prepare you for all possible outcomes. They will likely help you throughout the process even though a hearing. If you have repeated denial, a lawyer can explain why, and what went wrong with your claim.

Additionally, without a lawyer, you run the risk of falling prey to your company’s insurance carrier. Because workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that companies carry for their staff, your employer has a bit of power here.

It’s often that workers’ compensation lawyers will guide people through the process after they received an initial denial. Don’t wait for a denial notice before hiring a lawyer. When you get an attorney involved right away, you can often avoid time spent running in circles with your workers’ compensation representative.

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Finding A Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Manassas, VA

Finding a workers’ compensation attorney is not as easy as you might initially think. Not only do you want someone familiar with business law, but injuries as well. Additionally, you need someone local.

Call the law offices of Ashcraft and Gerel for help with your case. A workers’ comp lawyer in Manassas is your best bet. You deserve a fair review of your workers’ compensation claim and the chance to receive compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and suffering.

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