Federal Judge Approves Experts to Testify that Talcum Powder Causes Ovarian Cancer & Allows Cases to Go Forward
April 28, 2020
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Yesterday afternoon, Chief Judge Wolfson issued her long-awaited decision on the admissibility of our expert witnesses in federal court. In her 141-page ruling, Judge Wolfson allowed our experts to testify in federal court that talcum powder products can cause ovarian cancer, that talc causes inflammation and oxidative stress, and that the products contain asbestos, fibrous talc, and heavy metals. While she limited some of what our experts can say, she ultimately found that all of them can testify in future trials in federal court. This decision, which directly impacts all cases filed in federal court and indirectly impacts cases filed in state courts, is a major victory and will allow cases in federal court to go forward to trial.

“We are obviously pleased with the court’s ruling and are eager to move forward,” said Michelle Parfitt, A&G senior partner and co-lead counsel of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in federal court, where over 16,000 cases are filed. “Epidemiologists and gynecologic oncologists will be allowed to testify that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, including their opinions regarding the contribution of asbestos, fibrous talc, and metals to its carcinogenicity.”