California Appellate Court Rules Amazon Could Be Liable for Any Defective Products Sold on its Site
September 22, 2020
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On August 13, the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District reversed a previous trial court ruling, suggesting that Amazon could be liable for any defective products bought through its website should they cause injury to a consumer, as reported by The Verge. This is a significant change in how liability laws affect Amazon, the largest internet company in the world.

The Verge article, “Amazon can be liable for third-party sellers’ defective products, appeals court rules,” explains that this case started in 2019 when Angela Bolger brought Amazon to court, alleging it was truly responsible for the third-degree burns she suffered from a laptop battery. The defective battery massively overheated several months after she bought it through the “Amazon Marketplace,” which encompasses every third-party seller on Amazon’s site.


The Amazon Marketplace is the basis for Amazon’s claim that it should not be held responsible for such product defects due to its status as a middleman between the consumer and third-party sellers, according to The Verge. Previously, this argument allowed Amazon to deny liability in matters concerning third-party sellers’ defective products. Thus, this appellate court ruling is a huge step forward for California consumers, as they can now fight for their right to fair compensation if injured. Regardless of whether the alleged liability cases will end favorably for these consumers, the fact remains that the tech giant is now facing myriad liability lawsuits over defective products bought through its site.

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