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The Takata airbag defect is one of the most well-known and deadly auto defects in recent years. As one of the world’s largest airbag manufacturers, Takata has produced airbags that can be found in most major car brands. So far, 11 carmakers have collectively recalled over 14 million vehicles because of the serious defect in Takata’s airbags.

If a defective airbag left you injured after an accident, we encourage you to pursue legal action to hold Takata responsible for the problem. By filing a claim, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages and losses. You will also be helping to protect other drivers from the hazards of defective Takata airbags.


Concerns with Takata’s Airbags

Back in 2013, numerous carmakers recalled a collective 3.6 million cars, all containing Takata airbags. In 2014, even more carmakers announced additional recalls for the same airbag defect.

Numerous reports indicated that many of Takata’s airbags exploded when deployed. This explosion sent shrapnel and chemicals flying throughout the vehicle, causing serious injuries and even many deaths.

The defective airbags were developed by Takata in the late 1990s and were introduced into vehicles starting in 1998. These airbags were different from competitors’ – they were designed to inflate via an explosive based on a chemical compound. This explosive was enclosed in a metal canister in the airbag. Though this was a cheaper design, it also proved deadly.

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Investigating the Airbag Defect

On top of the investigations that Takata is facing, Honda is also being investigated by the NHTSA for failing to report accidents and injuries caused by the Takata airbags in its vehicles.

Perhaps worst of all, there are multiple reports alleging that Takata was aware of the defects for several years but failed to report them. Takata may have even gone so far as to conceal test results showing how its airbags exploded upon deployment.

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How to Know If You Have a Valid Claim

Simply owning a car equipped with a Takata airbag does not qualify you for a liability claim. In order to successfully receive compensation regarding this recall, you must have suffered an injury directly caused by the defective airbag.

It can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the airbag as the source of your injuries. Many car accidents involve flying debris, shrapnel, and glass, all of which could injure you without the airbag causing the problem.

If you are not sure whether the injuries you sustained in an accident are correlated with a defective airbag, we encourage you to discuss your case with our Takata airbag lawsuit attorneys in Rockville. We are deeply familiar with the claims against Takata and can determine whether your situation qualifies you to pursue legal action.