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A rollover accident can be disastrous for the driver and any passengers inside. With over 250,000 rollover crashes occurring annually in the U.S., more than 10,000 people die each year as a result of these tragic accidents. Though some rollover accidents can be linked to the driver’s negligence, many others are the result of a defect or design flaw in the vehicle itself.

If you suffered an injury in a rollover accident – or if you lost a loved one in this way – you may be eligible for compensation if the accident resulted from a vehicle defect. Ashcraft & Gerel can help you navigate the process of filing a claim and pursuing justice in the wake of this disaster. Our rollover accident lawyers in Rockville have the experience and the determination needed to see your case through to a successful end.


Defects That Contribute to Rollover Accidents

It is possible that the vehicle was not properly constructed, rendering it incapable of withstanding the severe impact of a rollover. It is also possible that the vehicle’s design was insufficient to prevent a rollover from occurring in the first place. In either case, it is vital that the responsible party – be it the designer or the manufacturer – be held accountable for the error.

SUVs are perhaps the vehicle that is most susceptible to rollovers. Because of their high center of gravity and narrow wheelbase, SUVs are often more prone to tipping over than sedans and other types of cars. On top of that, the roofs of SUVs are often poorly constructed or unable to protect against the impact of a rollover.

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Types of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents can occur in a few different ways. The rollover might be caused by an object near the road, the vehicle itself, or another car.

Rollover accidents are often organized into three different categories:

  • Tripped rollovers: When a vehicle veers off the road and hits an object like a guardrail, or slope, or a curb
  • Un-tripped rollovers: When a car makes a sharp and sudden maneuver – particularly at a high speed – and rolls over
  • Multi-vehicle car accidents: When a car is hit by another vehicle, causing it to tip and roll over

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All vehicles should be designed and produced to minimize the likelihood of a rollover and to protect the passengers inside in the event that the vehicle does roll over. Any failure to adhere to the high standards expected of the automotive industry can be an instance of negligence.

If you or someone you love is paying the price physically, emotionally, and financially for a carmaker’s mistake, do not hesitate to take legal action and consult with the team at Ashcraft & Gerel. Our rollover accident attorneys in Rockville are eager to stand by your side in the fight for justice.