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In the event of an accident, gas tanks should be designed and manufactured to remain intact and avoid combustion or explosion. Unfortunately, despite advancements in the automobile industry, some fuel tanks are still designed and constructed in a way that puts people at risk of fires and explosions in an accident.

Any designer or manufacturer that fails to construct a safe fuel tank should be held liable for its actions – and Ashcraft & Gerel is here to make sure justice is restored for the people who have suffered injuries caused by exploding fuel tanks. If you or someone you love was injured by a gas tank explosion, we encourage you to retain our firm and take legal action.


Jeep Recall

When a car’s fuel tank is located behind its rear axle, it can be extremely hazardous in the event of an accident. In a collision, these rear gas tanks can explode and lead to deadly, fuel-fed fires.

In 2013, Chrysler recalled over 1.5 million Jeep SUVs that were equipped with rear-axle fuel tanks. Despite the recall, many of these defective Jeeps have remained on roadways and led to severe and even fatal injuries.

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Manufacturers Are Responsible for Creating Safe Fuel Tanks

Manufacturers must keep in mind the customer’s safety when designing cars and building fuel tanks. Designers and carmakers are expected to maintain great care and pay close attention to detail in the course of their work.

In addition to the location of the fuel tank in a vehicle, a carmaker could also be held liable for:

  • A tank that is poorly constructed
  • Shoddy materials that make the tank susceptible to punctures
  • Failing to secure the tank or shield it properly
  • Failing to design and create safe fuel lines

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