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Fighting for Pedestrians’ Right to Compensation After Serious Accidents

In 2018, the pedestrian death rate was the highest it’s been since 1990, with over 6,200 people killed in accidents. Nearly 150,000 were injured badly enough they ended up in the emergency room. This is only the continuation of a trend, and it’s bad news for all of us. While we support large-scale action to make our streets safer for pedestrians and bikers, we are also here to support the victims who were injured by reckless drivers.

Even a relatively minor injury can have high costs, including an ambulance trip, time in the ER, and time off work during recovery. Some accidents cause the type of injuries that will last the rest of a victim’s life. Our attorneys are here to help you pursue justice in the form of fair compensation. We have helped clients recover over $1 billion from negligent individuals and companies.


Who Can Be Held Liable in a Pedestrian Accident?

As with any crash, if a driver or some other party is responsible for the collision—and your injuries—you may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for all of your damages. Often a careless or inattentive driver is at fault in these accidents. An insurance company won’t just take your word for this, however; you’ll have to provide evidence if you plan to file a claim.

Our attorneys are excellent investigators who make every effort to find the evidence our clients need. Knowing what causes pedestrian accidents and serious injuries can tell us where to look. Factors in these collisions involve drivers:

  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Not seeing a pedestrian due to obstacles or inattention
  • Turning into the path of a pedestrian
  • Speeding
  • Pulling out of a parking spot, driveway, or alleyway without looking
  • Failing to leave enough of a margin when passing pedestrians who are walking alongside the road
  • Operating their vehicle while intoxicated

When you tell us about your accident during a free consultation, our team can start planning our investigation strategy.

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Damages You Can Ask for in a Pedestrian Accident

Medical bills are just the start of the damages a pedestrian accident victim may accrue. The worse your injuries are, the more areas of your life they’ll impact, and the longer your recovery will take. You only have one chance to maximize your compensation, and it’s during the injury claim process.

This is the biggest reason we recommend you work with an attorney: Our experience with these cases and connections to experts who can help identify and testify about the long-ranging costs of injuries often identifies opportunities for compensation clients didn’t know they could ask for.

After any accident that results in significant injury, you may be able to request damages including:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Rehabilitative therapies
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Especially after a catastrophic injury, the entire shape of your life may change, from who provides for your household to what you can achieve in your day-to-day. You deserve the chance to request damages for all of these challenges.

For those who lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident caused by another’s negligence, our team can help you file a wrongful death claim to recover damages like burial costs, lost benefits and wages, and other household contributions.

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Let Us Help You Fight for Justice

Since 1953, our team has been dedicated to serving injury victims who suffer serious losses due to someone else’s mistakes or poor judgment. We’ve built a reputation in the D.C. area and beyond for fighting complex cases and working hard for our clients. Whether you are facing a standard auto insurer or a big company or corporation, our attorneys can handle your case.

We know this is likely one of the worst times in your life, which is why we offer all-around support to our clients. We’ll handle your insurance claim so your time and energy can go to your recovery. Filing for compensation can be simple and efficient when you work with Ashcraft & Gerel. Ask us how we can help you find justice after a pedestrian accident.