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Fuel tanks should be designed and manufactured to remain intact in the event of a crash. Any vehicle with a fuel tank should be produced with the consumer’s safety in mind. Unfortunately, vehicles today continue to be sold with irresponsibly placed and designed gas tanks. These faulty fuel tanks to combust and explode in an accident, making an already-dangerous incident even worse.

If you suffered an injury because of a faulty or ill-placed fuel tank, we want to help you hold the manufacturer accountable. Your vehicle should be safe and free from these kinds of negligent hazards. Let Ashcraft & Gerel protect your rights as a consumer and purse the compensation to which you are entitled.


Fuel Tank Hazards

Car fuel tanks that are located behind the rear axle of the vehicle are particularly vulnerable to causing a violent, fuel-fed fire in the event of a collision.

The placement of a fuel tank can have a significant impact on a vehicle’s safety. Fuel tanks that are placed behind the rear axles of the vehicle are more likely to combust during a collision and cause deadly fires.

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The Jeep Recall

In 2013, Chrysler recalled 1.56 million Jeep vehicles that were equipped with rear-axle fuel tanks. Because of the fuel tank’s placement in these vehicles, numerous people suffered burns and other injuries in accidents. Jeep owners today are still suffering the consequences of Chrysler’s negligence.

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Manufacturer Liability in Fuel Tank Claims

In addition to the placement of the fuel tank, a car manufacturer might also be liable for:

  • A poorly constructed tank
  • A tank made with faulty materials that leave it susceptible to punctures
  • Failing to secure or shield the fuel tank
  • Manufacturing and installing unsafe fuel lines

When manufacturers act negligently or put profits about consumer safety, innocent lives are harmed and lost. Victims of the manufacturer’s actions deserve to pursue legal action and obtain compensation for the damages they suffered.

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