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As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without getting involved in lawsuits. Unfortunately, disputes are a natural and sometimes unavoidable part of doing business. If you are facing a potential lawsuit involving your business, the best first step you can take is to retain legal representation.

For more than 65 years, Ashcraft & Gerel has effectively served small and medium businesses, representing them against powerful corporations and other large entities. As skilled commercial litigation lawyers in Baltimore, we understand the nuances of a business-related lawsuit. We are capable of fighting for you both in and out of the courtroom.


Contract Disputes

Though you may have entered into a contract to avoid conflict and reach an agreeable compromise with another party, contracts are often a source of dispute. At Ashcraft & Gerel, we represent clients in breach of contract claims. Whether you are filing accusations or facing them, we can help you pursue a positive resolution.

We handle commercial claims involving:

  • Businesses and their customers
  • Vendors
  • Suppliers
  • Franchise owners
  • Manufacturers

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Fraud & Misrepresentation

If someone else’s fraud or deceptive commercial practices have affected you and resulted in your loss, we are ready to help. Our commercial litigation attorneys can investigate the situation, determine whether fraud occurred, and prosecute a claim on your behalf. We handle various fraud-related business torts for individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses.

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Unfair Trade Practices

When large companies operate outside the boundaries of the law, other businesses often pay the price, unable to keep up with competitors and achieve the same results through lawful, ethical business practices. By pursuing legal action, we can put a stop to your competitors’ illegal trade practices while protecting your business’s interests. We offer alternative fee arrangements and strictly monitor our budget to reassure you that we stay focused on your bottom line.

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Unethical Business Dealings

Putting profits above investors, partners, and clients, many businesses are driven by greed to engage in unethical business dealings. When corporations ignore regulations and common law, individuals and other businesses are usually left feeling the impact. At Ashcraft & Gerel, we take swift action against businesses that violate laws for their own gain.