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Building Claims against Negligent Manufacturers

Perhaps the most deadly and devastating automobile recall in recent years was the Takata airbag system recall. Takata – which accounts for roughly 20% of all airbags produced globally – is one of the world’s most prominent airbag manufacturers. Its products can be found in most major car brands and some of the most popular vehicles, including the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla. To date, there have been over 14 million vehicles recalled because of Takata’s defective airbags.

If you have been injured because of a defective Takata airbag, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our airbag recall attorneys in Baltimore. For over 65 years, Ashcraft & Gerel has been fighting to protect consumers and their rights. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


About the Takata Recalls

The defective Takata airbags were developed in the late 1990s and were introduced to automobiles starting with the 1998 model year. The airbags were designed to inflate via an explosive – based on a chemical compound commonly found in fertilizers – in a metal canister. This inflating propellant is cheaper than Takata’s competitors’ propellants but has been found to be far more volatile.

Numerous reports have described Takata’s airbags exploding when deployed, shooting shrapnel and chemicals throughout the vehicle. This explosion has resulted in severe injuries and death to both drivers and passengers.

Worst of all, numerous reports have also alleged that Takata knew about this potentially deadly defect for several years and went so far as to conceal results of tests that showed the airbags exploding forcefully.

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Investigation by the NHTSA

In addition to the Takata airbag recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched investigations against Honda for its alleged failure to quickly report incidents that involved the defective airbags in its vehicles.

In 2014, Takata was subpoenaed by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to provide documentation about its defective airbags. Investigations and hearings on the situation are ongoing.

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Do I Have a Takata Airbag Case?

Just because you own a car with a Takata airbag does not mean that you have a valid claim for compensation. To have a case, you must have suffered injuries directly related to the defective airbag.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to pinpoint a defective airbag as the source of your injuries. In a car accident, it’s common to see injury-causing shrapnel and debris. You only have a valid claim against Takata if the particular type of defective airbag was the source of your injury.

If you are not sure whether you have a valid claim, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our airbag recall attorneys in Baltimore. This is a serious situation, and we want to see that Takata and other parties are held accountable for their negligence. As leading product liability litigation attorneys, we have the resources and the experience to properly investigate your claim and fight to restore justice on your behalf.