The Volkswagen Scandal from an Owners Perspective
September 29, 2015
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For the past 8 years the world’s largest car manufacturer has been intentionally lying to millions of its customers, and I’m one of them.  Volkswagen marketed its turbo diesel models (TDI) to consumers like me who were looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle that performed at a high level. In order to get this perfect combination, buyers would have to pay between $3,000.00 and $7,000.00 more than the manufacturer’s gas counterparts.  With this marketing ploy, Volkswagen was able to sell almost 500,000 diesel vehicles in the United States alone despite the significant price increase.

Earlier this month independent researchers discovered that the company had actually installed ‘defeat devices’ in order to pass emissions tests.  These ‘defeat devices’ would activate when the car’s computers recognized it was being tested and would cause the vehicle to significantly reduce its emissions to comply with EPA guidelines.  Under normal driving conditions, these eco-friendly vehicles were actually spewing Nitrogen Oxide up to 40 times higher than that permitted by the EPA.


Despite the clear problem, Volkswagen has not formally announced a solution for the 11 million consumers worldwide that there deceived.  The consensus among experts and engineers is that any attempt to bring these vehicles into EPA compliance will result in significant loss of fuel efficiency, some experts predict as much as a 10 MPG loss, and performance, some experts predict up to 25% reduction in horsepower; the two features Volkswagen used to sell its higher-priced vehicles.

Where does that leave the owners of these vehicles?  Ashcraft & Gerel is working for individuals affected by this fraud to ensure that Volkswagen not only fixes the vehicles but reimburses buyers for their financial loss.  If you or a family member own one of these vehicles, or if you are a car dealer who has experienced financial loss contact Ashcraft & Gerel and we will review your options and make sure you are fairly compensated.