Why You Should Have a Baltimore Workers Comp Lawyer on Your Side
August 31, 2018
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Workplace injuries are the “necessary evils” of any industry. Even the most effective preventative measures cannot eliminate the risk of these injuries and incidents occurring within your work environment and, more importantly – to you. Fortunately, they enforce workers’ compensation laws to soften the blow and assist affected workers with maintaining their lifestyles – recovering their lost income as they focus on physical recovery. With the cooperation of your employer, it may seem as if this is a simple process that does not necessarily require the expertise of a worker’s compensation attorney in Baltimore MD. Contrary to popular belief, contacting a worker’s compensation lawyer should be one of the first phone calls that you make.

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Baltimore MD Protect Your Loss Income

Compensation plays an integral role in any industry. Regardless of how much the average employee loves his or her job, their attitude and approach would likely change if compensation was removed from the equation. It is a necessity you protect yourself at all costs – especially in the event of a workplace injury that leads to lost hours and a loss of wages. Like any cherished treasure or possession, you should strive to take the necessary steps to protect your compensation from being taken away from you. By investing in a worker’s compensation attorney in Baltimore MD, you are investing in the best type of protection available.


A Workers Compensation Attorney in Baltimore MD Can Educate You on the Process

According to the Maryland Worker’s Compensation Commission (WCC), only 23,336 claims were filed in 2017. This reflected a 1.5% decrease when compared to the filed claims from the previous 2 years. It could be said that the cause of the decrease was implantation of the effective measures to prevent workplace injuries. However, according to the Baltimore Sun, recent reports have shown that there is an increase in fatal workplace injuries throughout the state. Therefore, a lack of education about the claims process and a clear lack of reassurance of the significance of that process has affected more people than you may realize.

Fortunately, you do not have to become one of them. By trusting in a workers’ compensation attorney in Baltimore MD, you will benefit from the knowledge and insight necessary to navigate through this tedious process from start to finish.

You Should Be Able to Focus Solely on Your Recovery

The last thing that you need to do while recovering from a physical injury is to become overwhelmed with paperwork deadlines, case hearings, phone calls from insurance companies, document filing, and other tasks associated with the standard worker’s compensation case. Keep in mind that you will likely have a series of doctor’s appointments, X-rays, physical therapy sessions and other related activities in addition to maintaining the responsibilities and anxieties of your daily life. This type of juggling act can quickly become overwhelming and even more stressful than the injury itself – which explains why so many people opt to simply not do anything and allow their employers to resolve the issue on their behalf.

Once you hire a workers compensation attorney in Baltimore MD, he or she will remove a full load of your worker’s compensation case from your shoulders. If you follow the instructions and overall guidance provided by the legal expert assigned to your case, you will be able to focus all your time and energy on recovering from your injury and handling the everyday ins and outs of your normal life.

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Time is Not on Your Side Unless You Have a Workers Compensation Attorney in Baltimore MD

Once your workplace injury occurs, it is essentially as if an invisible timeclock is activated. Every aspect of the worker’s compensation claims process must comply with a strict timeline. The process involves paperwork submissions and filed documentation to case hearings and timely updates. Every part of the worker’s compensation claims process requires you to pay close attention to the time clock.

Keep in mind that the time factor makes a significant impact in other ways as well – including your physical recovery time, the number of hours missed at work and the amount of time that you must burn through your savings before your household starts to crumble. It is imperative to remember that you do not need to go through any of this on your own – especially when it comes to the various stages and steps involved with your worker’s compensation claim. Call a workers compensation lawyer in Baltimore MD today, so that you can receive the relief that you deserve and the time that you need right away.