Can I Handle My Workers’ Comp Claim Myself or Do I Need a Lawyer?
February 28, 2019
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If you get hurt at work, you need to file a workers’ compensation claim. You’re entitled to medical care and benefits if you get injured on the job. As long as you meet the qualifications for Baltimore workers’ compensation, you shouldn’t have any issues.

However, rarely does a case go perfectly. There are times when you run into issues. Your claim could be denied. If this happens, you’ll need to file an appeal. And, if your appeal isn’t successful, you’ll have to file a lawsuit.

Having a lawyer makes all the difference between winning and losing your case. Whether it’s fair or not, insurance companies take you more seriously if you have a lawyer. Plus, they know they can’t take advantage of you if you’re represented.

If you try to handle your case yourself, you could end up with a world of trouble. Some of the problems could be:

  • You miss filing deadlines and your claim is denied
  • You don’t file your appeal properly and you are denied benefits for good
  • You go to the wrong doctor and it terminates your claim
  • Your employer pushes you to go back to work early and you agree
  • You sign a settlement release for your claim that unfairly favors your employer

Having an attorney can help you avoid these problems.

Your Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Will Make Sure Your Claim Is Handled Properly

You have to make sure to handle your claim right from the very beginning. There are certain things you need to do in order to protect your workers’ comp claim. These include:

  • You must report your injury or accident immediately
  • You must get treatment from a company-approved doctor
  • You must provide all information to your employer
  • You must follow all medical treatment instructions
  • You cannot work at another job while on workers comp

Your lawyer will make sure you follow all of these guidelines. This way, your claim isn’t denied for an unnecessary reason.

If your claim is still denied, however, your attorney can still help. Filing an appeal in Maryland is not easy. You are going to want an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to handle it for you.


A Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Handle Your Appeal

If your claim is denied, you’ll need to file an appeal. You’re much better off having an experienced attorney handle this for you. There are certain rules you need to follow. If you don’t your claim may be forever barred.

The law in Maryland has the following process for appealing a workers’ compensation claim:

  • You must first receive the deputy commissioner’s decision. If it denies your claim, you must file a written appeal with the Clerk of the Commission within thirty (30) days. If you miss this deadline, your claim will forever be barred.
  • The commission will request a copy of the transcript from the deputy’s report. He will also accept written statements from both you and your employer.
  • You cannot introduce new evidence when you file your appeal. The commission will only consider the original file and any written statements submitted.
  • The commission will make its decision based on the papers. If you wish, you can request oral argument. However, this is the exception to the norm.
  • The commissioner will issue a new opinion.
  • If you aren’t happy with his decision, you can file an appeal with the courts.

If you miss one step or miss a filing deadline, the commission will deny your appeal. Your Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer will make sure this doesn’t happen.

Contact a Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you get hurt at work, it’s a good idea to retain a Baltimore workers’ compensation attorney. Although technically, you can handle your claim yourself, it’s not the best idea. There is a lot that can go wrong. The last thing you can afford is to have your claim denied.

While you’re out of work, you need a way to take care of your family. You also need to make sure you get coverage for the medical care of your injuries. The only way to do this is to make sure to handle your workers’ claim the right way.

Your lawyer can make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. He has handled dozens of cases just like yours in the past and he knows what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.