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When Disaster Strikes, Call Ashcraft & Gerel

Ashcraft & Gerel has an impressive track record of success in the area of major disaster litigation. We have fought on behalf of victims and their families against Goliath defendants such as General Electric and Massey Energy. We have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients, despite aggressive efforts made by large corporations to counter our claims. We apply a passion for civil justice and a commitment to our clients’ futures to seek maximum compensation for victims of large-scale catastrophes such as oilfield explosions, mine accidents, railroad collisions, aviation accidents, and more.

Workers, individuals, and families in the Fairfax area can rely on Ashcraft & Gerel to competently manage litigation related to preventable catastrophic events such as fires, explosions, structure collapses, transportation accidents, and exposure to hazardous substances. We have the resources to take on the biggest cases and the most formidable opponents.


Building Compelling Cases for Victims of Catastrophic Events

Accidents happen. Disaster may strike without warning. This may be true, but preventable catastrophes can be linked to some form of negligence or wrongdoing. Identifying fault is a crucial step our Fairfax injury lawyers must take when handling major disaster litigation. We must also be able to prove liability, and this can bring about many technical matters that require the attention and expertise of trained professionals in specialized fields.

When we take on a case involving a major catastrophe, Ashcraft & Gerel works with qualified experts in all appropriate fields. In handling a mine explosion case, for example, we reached out to experts in mine ventilation and engineering to ensure our case was strong and accurate, as well as involving economists, medical professionals, and other expert witnesses. We utilize our resources and include experts to fully support our clients’ cases.