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Handling Wage & Hour Disputes

Too often, hardworking employees are mistreated and cheated out of their hard-earned pay by powerful corporations and organizations. Individual employees often feel too intimidated to pursue legal action and demand justice. No one wants to lose their job or face other adverse consequences by angering their employer.

If you have been wronged by your employer, Ashcraft & Gerel wants to help you make it right. Our labor law attorneys in Landover are committed to protecting the rights of workers like you. Whether you have a wage and hour claim, a harassment claim, or a dispute to resolve, we can provide the reliable counsel you are seeking.


Wage & Hour Claims

Employees in America are being pressured and squeezed to work long, arduous hours. Quite often, hardworking Americans are not properly compensated for the amount of work they put in. Employers are required by law to pay employees for their labor in full and in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, many employers violate labor laws by:

  • Failing to pay the minimum wage
  • Failing to pay overtime
  • Failing to include “off-the-clock” hours in an employee’s paycheck
  • Failing to pay employees their final paycheck after termination

You owe it to yourself to ensure that your employer is not violating your rights. You deserve to receive the full compensation that you earned. If you believe that a current or past employer has withheld any wages that are rightfully yours, consult with our Landover employment lawyers.

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Unions are powerful in that they protect Americans from being taken advantage of by employers. The National Labor Relations Act grants most employees the right to form a union and demand fair treatment in the workplace.

If you are seeking to organize, make sure that you are following the strict rules that govern unionization. If you feel that your employer has retaliated against you for unionizing or has violated your rights in any way, seek counsel from Ashcraft & Gerel.

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