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Labor laws were designed and implemented to protect hardworking Americans from the overreaching power of the organizations, businesses, and corporations they work for. Unfortunately, many employers – especially big businesses – still violate these laws and fail to treat employees fairly. Workers who have been wronged by their employers often feel hopeless or too intimidated to file a claim and seek justice.

At Ashcraft & Gerel, we are dedicated to representing workers who have been harassed, poorly compensated, unfairly terminated, and otherwise mistreated by their employers. Since 1953, our firm has remained focused on righting the wrongs that our clients endure. Our Washington, D.C. labor law attorneys can help you take legal action and stand up against even the most powerful employer.


Wage & Hour Claims

You work hard and deserve proper compensation for every hour you put in. Employers are expected to pay their employees in accordance with federal and local laws.

Your employer is violating labor laws if they:

  • Fail to pay you the minimum wage
  • Fail to pay you for “off-the-clock” hours
  • Fail to pay time-and-a-half for all overtime hours
  • Fail to send you your final paycheck after you quit or after you are terminated

You do not have to settle or make do with wage theft. If you believe that your employer is failing to properly compensate you for the hours you have worked, you may have a valid wage and hour claim. Ashcraft & Gerel can help you file this claim and get every penny you deserve.

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Organizing & Unionizing

Unions across America ensure that hardworking individuals are not manipulated or taken advantage of by powerful companies. Employees are granted the right to organize under the National Labor Relations Act. So long as you follow the strict procedures and rules that govern the process, you are protected from employer retaliation. Ashcraft & Gerel is passionate about protecting workers’ organizing rights.

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Proud to Serve Hardworking Americans

You work hard to make your living – and your employer should recognize that. If your rights have been violated in any capacity in the workplace, our Washington, D.C. labor lawyers want to help you restore justice.

We understand that you might be afraid of retaliation for bringing a claim against your employer. We want you to know that we are committed to protecting you from these retaliatory tactics. Our team can hold your employer accountable for its actions while helping you make informed decisions throughout the process.