Automotive Product Liability Series-Part IV: Air Bag Litigation
December 17, 2013
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Air Bag Litigation

Some of the greatest safety inventions of the last quarter century have been front and side air bags in vehicles. Undoubtedly, these amazing safety features have saved countless lives throughout the United States. Unfortunately, when major auto manufacturers emphasize speed of production over quality, this crucial safety device can become incredibly dangerous. History shows that air bag defects pose the greatest risk of danger to smaller people, particularly children. According to an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, of the 242 confirmed air bag fatalities in 2003, 148 or 61% were children.

Some of the most prominent air bag defects are:

1) Failing to properly crash test airbags with a wide range of dummy types whereby certain individuals (smaller or larger than average) are not protected by the airbag and can even be more severely injured by the airbag in their vehicle than if they didn’t have one at all.

2) Overly powerful inflators leading to airbag forces that inflict as much damage to the occupant of the vehicle as striking the windshield or dashboard would.

3) Dangerous airbag “paths” leading to airbags that fire directly toward the occupant instead of in an upward trajectory that limits head, neck and facial injuries.

4) Faulty crash sensors that lead to inadvertent airbag deployments which actually cause accidents and injury instead of protecting from them or airbags that deploy too late to actually protect the occupant from injury.


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