Automotive Product Liability Series – Part 1: Tire Failure
December 22, 2013
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Every major brand of tire has been the result of a widespread recall at some point. This includes familiar manufacturers such as Firestone, Uniroyal, Cooper and Dunlop. Michelin recalled 100,000 tires as recently as July 2013. Catastrophic tire failures occur every year and often with fatal consequences. Tire manufacturers sometimes try to increase production at the expense of quality construction. Rushing the tire curing process often leads to belt separations within the tire. When a tire de-treads at a high rate of speed, loss of control is almost inevitable. In many instances, stability loss is so great that certain vehicles like SUV’s and trucks actually roll over. In these terrible situations, loss of life and devastating injury are sadly often the result.

Tire manufacturers are some of the largest corporations in the world and they will go to great lengths to protect their business. There have been documented cases of private investigators paid for by tire manufacturers going to site of crashes to retrieve pieces of tread and other crucial evidence before a consumer even has an opportunity to consult with an attorney.


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