Month: September 2015

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September 29, 2015

The Volkswagen Scandal from an Owners Perspective

For the past 8 years the world’s largest car manufacturer has been intentionally lying to millions of its customers, and I’m one of them.  Volkswagen marketed its turbo diesel ...

September 28, 2015

Nathan M. Peak Represents Whistleblower in Case That Settles for $35M

A&G’s Nathan Peak represented a whistleblower in two federal False Claims Act cases that settled for an amount that could total $35 million, to be paid overtime by the ...

September 10, 2015

FDA Issues Warning to Tobacco Manufacturers Regarding “Natural” Labeling

On August 27, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued warning letters to three tobacco companies regarding their labeling of cigarettes as “additive-free” and/or ...

September 8, 2015

Workers Claim They Were Paid as Little as $200 for Four Weeks of Labor

Six construction workers who helped assemble the steeple-shaped roof on a new Prince William County library are claiming that they were paid as little as $200 a piece for four ...